Options to get on the map

  1. ) FREE Name listing only - Anyone who requests and gives location details
  2. ) PREMIUM bubble - Logo / Name / Details / Link ( Max 120 Characters )
  3. ) DELUXE Illustration and Bubble - Illustration on MAP VIEW and bubble with Logo / Name / Details

The master website is at which shows all cities produced and a duplicated site of each city.

  1. Anyone can submit their outlet name to be added to the map on any category FREE of charge which will be shown on Map View and City View, subject to approval and authenticity of the provider.
  2. Anyone can advertise on an annual basis which will be shown in both Map View and City View.
  3. Both views are in 3d and are not drawn to scale or in any accurate perspective. The buildings, icons, landmarks, people, cars and roads etc. are illustrated much larger than life and the map has been created as a fun guide to the approximate area or location only, The location pin is based on the Map View and not the City View mode where it may not be so accurate.
  4. Although every effort has been made to produce a city map as accurate as possible, CityView Maps Ltd. and its owners cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies, losses, damages or anything whatsoever that may or may not be caused as a result in using either map on any city shown.
  5. Both London illustrations are Copyright © 2019 Russ North with all rights reserved
  6. UK design Registration numbers MAP VIEW No.6074503 - CITY VIEW No 6074504
  7. CityView Maps Ltd. Is a registered company No.12256763, 75 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London WC2 H9JQ
  8. It is strictly prohibited to copy, trace, reproduce, republish, sell or adapt this illustration in part or full without the written consent of the copyright owner and any breach may face the full legal consequences without further notice.
  9. Cancellation policy – The Website ad draft has to be approved in writing by the customer via email and payment made in advance, once approved, the order will then go live and cannot be cancelled once displayed without a penalty charge..
  10. All personalized Poster or Map orders will receive a draft email for the clients approval and will not go to press without it being approved in writing by the client.
  11. All standard posters once ordered and paid for online will automatically go to press and cannot be cancelled or money refunded unless the cancellation is made BEFORE printing.
  12. Postal deliveries of all our products are subject to ROYAL MAIL UK rates, terms and conditions and delivery schedules. CityView maps hold no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage once it has been dispatched. The client has the option to have a tracking reference number and it is the customers responsibility to follow up on their own deliveries, but we will always help wherever we can.
  13. All bilateral versions of the location maps have been professionally produced by a certified translator company in London. CityView Maps Ltd hold no responsibility whatsoever for any errors, misinterpretations or other reasons that be may or may not be disputed with the translation of text.
  14. Cityview Maps Ltd is a United Kingdom based private company with offices in London and Thailand, all maps produced of other cities around the world belong to the company or author and not by particular city. All rights reserved.
  15. In the event of a dispute of any city, that dispute should be settled in London UK in English language under UK law only.